About Us

About Us


We are Studio F/X! Leading production teams, actors, and makeup artists in the Vancouver area seek our expertise and instruction when it comes to acquiring the latest techniques and applications that make their creative visions a reality. Let us help you bring your imagination to life.


If you’re visiting our store and you happen to see any of our talented team members, don’t hesitate to say hello or ask about your latest project.

Owner - Carla Antrobus

Special Effects Specialist - Josefin Tysen

Studio Manager - Ashleigh Jarvis

Administrative Assistant - Wayne Kill



Our Commitment to Quality

We understand your uncompromising approach to your creative vision and we want to help make it a reality.

By selling only the most reliable and unique products that leading makeup manufacturers have to offer, we can claim the directors and artists of the professional performance arts among our many valued clients.

Backed by the best expertise in the business - spanning the stage, television, and film industries - it is no surprise that we have earned a reputation for reliability, creativity, and customer service.




Please call us with any questions, or email us today. A member of our team will be happy to help you out.