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Sigma Bond

Sigma Bond is an acrylic based adhesive designed specifically for lace front hair systems. Sigma Bond can also bond lace and ploy based hair systems to the skin with superior strength and comfort. It is strong, safe, easy to use and economical. This adhesive is great for daily wear, touch-ups and stays up to two weeks of adhesion. Longer adhesion times can be achieved when used with Top Guard Skin Barrier. Sigma Bond can be easily removed with Super Solv or Super Solv Plus Adhesive removers.
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Beta Bond

$18.00 to $27.00
The superior polymer acrylic formula is the perfect "B" adhesive alternative. It dries clear and is easily mixed (within limits) with water, alcohol or acrylic paints. Beta Bond has an excellent vertical hold and is non-flammable.
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PPI Spirits

PPI Spirits is the definitive matte lace spirit-gum adhesive. Originally developed and perfected for use on the 2012 Oscar winning film, Lincoln, PPI Spirits is a very strong, fast drying matte adhesive. Making it suitable for all lace hair-goods, as well as appliances. It doesn't yellow the lace, create build-up or get crusty.
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Telesis 8F

$31.00 to $52.00
This is a medical grade, pressure sensitive adhesive, perfect for bonding silicone and latex pieces, especially around the eyes and mouth or other areas that are troublesome to glue down


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