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Picture of Blood Capsules
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Blood Capsules

A non-toxic gelatin capsule containing special blood powder pigment. Safe to use in mouth. How to use: Bite down on gelatin capsule and the powder will dissolve with the person's saliva. To remove from skin wash with warm soap and water or use a make-up remover.
Picture of Bloody 5 Palette
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Bloody 5 Palette

The Skin Illustrator Bloody 5 Palette contains the best blood-related colors available: Prime Red, Blood Tone, Aged Blood, Black and Rose Adjuster. Keep this one in you pocket for quick touch-ups, or use it to create a "bloody mess" from scratch.
Picture of Complete Blood Pack
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Complete Blood Pack

Includes Ben Nye Stage Blood (.5 fl. oz. size) and twelve gelatin capsules. Fill gelatin capsules with Stage Blood several hours before use. Place in mouth and bite down to release blood.
Picture of Dark Blood
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Dark Blood

$7.00 to $62.00
Resembles darker venous color for "aged" blood effects. Perfect for zombies and the undead. Identical to Stage Blood, with the same "Zesty Mint" flavor and viscosity. Safe for use in the mouth. Washes from most fabrics and surfaces, test before use.
Picture of Eye Blood
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Eye Blood

Eye blood to be used in the eye area for special effects in film, theatre or Halloween. Do not use in irritated eye or with contact lenses. Do not keep or use longer than one month after first opening.
Picture of Fleet Street Blood Pastes
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Fleet Street Blood Pastes

$33.00 to $36.00
FLEET STREET BLOOD PASTES add dimension to the liquid Bloodworks products. BLOOD PASTES stay in place when applied and become dry to to the touch.
Picture of Fleetstreet  Blood
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Fleetstreet Blood

$27.00 to $93.00
Fleetstreet Blood is the most unique theatrical blood on the market. Made from FDA approved pigments, Fleetstreet Drying Bloods are designed for use on both skin and hair.
Picture of Fresh Scab
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Fresh Scab

$9.50 to $37.00
Picture of Gelatin Blood Capsules
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Gelatin Blood Capsules

$7.00 to $15.75
Fill capsule with blood and bite down to release blood. Filled Capsules may be stored for several days. Single use capsules.
Picture of Stage Blood
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Stage Blood

$12.00 to $62.00
Authentic, vivid arterial coloring in a medium viscosity. Corn syrup based, peppermint flavor is safe for use in the mouth. Washes from most fabrics and surfaces. Test before use.
Picture of Thick Blood
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Thick Blood

$9.50 to $37.00
Arterial colored gel-like blood. "Scrape" along skin with a stipple sponge for an instant abrasion or road rash. Can also be used to fill wounds. Remove with Hydra Cleanse or soap and water. Corn syrup content. May stain some fabrics; test before use.
Picture of Bloody Two Palette
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Bloody Two Palette

The Bloody Two Duo Palette is a dual-cell On Set palette featuring our two most popular Skin Illustrator blood colors: Bloodtone and Aged Blood. This is the perfect palette for when you need the comfort of knowing that you have enough blood color to do the job!
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Blood Splatter

Blood splatter from Mehron Makeup! It's super easy to create awesome splatter effects!


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