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Picture of Ultimate F/X Palette
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Ultimate F/X Palette

Ben Nye's F/X Palette provides ultra-realism for bruises, abrasions, black eyes, burns and character effects. Set with Neutral Set Colorless Powder and Final Seal for extra durability.
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F/X Color Stack

A creative resource for artists who design burns, bruises, aging, or other special effects. Achieve your best results with the high pigment content and creamy texture of F/X Color Cremes in a convenient stackable presentation.
Picture of FX Creme Colors
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FX Creme Colors

All produce life-like “in the skin” effects for black eyes, bruises, abrasions, burns and character detailing. F/X Colors are acutely designed, boldly pigmented and micro-blended in a silky, buildable texture.
Picture of Ben Nye Alcohol FX Palettes
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Ben Nye Alcohol FX Palettes

Ben Nye's FX Alcohol Colors are waterproof, extremely durable, non-toxic and produce ultra-realistic effects. Create bruises, body art and unlimited designs with primary shades. Activate with 99% alcohol for lasting , quick dry color. Remove with alcohol.
Picture of Studio Color - Undead FX
Product Details

Studio Color - Undead FX

$79.00 $69.00
Ben Nye undead can be designed with our Undead Palette. Five death foundations plus 3 Ultimate FX shades. STP-45 26gm./0.91oz. Refillable. Expect 20-50 applications per shade.
Picture of Studio Color - Essential FX Palette
Product Details

Studio Color - Essential FX Palette

$79.00 $69.00
The Essential FX Palette from Ben Nye contains 12 richly pigmented FX cremes, that make any skin effect a breeze. Create bruises, abrasions, and bloody effects out of the palm of your hand while taking up minimal kit space. These cremes are packed full of micro-fine pigments that help create hyper-realistic effects that appear beautifully under HD cameras. Ideal for use by Film & TV, SFX, theatre, and cosplay artists.
Picture of Creme Colors
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Creme Colors

$9.00 to $12.00
Unmatched for colorful virtuosity, Creme Colors offer rich pigmentation and versatile application in an improved texture.
Picture of Grime FX Powder - Plains Dust
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Grime FX Powder - Plains Dust

$12.00 to $24.00
Plains Dust FX powder from Ben Nye makeup simulates reddish-brown soil and clay.


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