Brush rolls and holders

Picture of Cylindric Brush Holder
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Cylindric Brush Holder

This lined Brush Holder accommodates numerous brushes with a maximum length of 20 cm. The Brush Holder can be securely closed with two buckles on the sides. When opened, the lid functions as a second holder. Brushes not included.
Picture of Golden Triangle Stand-up Brush Pouch
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Golden Triangle Stand-up Brush Pouch

The Golden Triangle Stand-Up pouch is an innovative accessory that not only stores your makeup brushes but keeps your brushes standing upright to provide easy access and neat organization.
Picture of Premium Cylindric Brush holder.
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Premium Cylindric Brush holder.

This artificial leather Brush Holder accommodates a variety of brushes with a maximum length of approx. 20 cm.
Picture of The Brush Caddy
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Picture of LaRoc Brush Belt
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LaRoc Brush Belt

LaRoc's Brush Belt is a great option for Makeup artists who need a belt to carry more than just brushes. This belt has 3 Zipper pockets and 3 metal loops to attach keys or other carabiners for more storage. Additional small pockets are added to the front of the belt for easy access to products such as compacts and lipsticks.
Picture of Cylinder Brush Holder
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Cylinder Brush Holder

This makeup brush holder cup is a great option for storing your make-up brushes, eye and lip pencils or other tools. With two sides, It can becomes two holders when it is open making it easy to separate your clean from dirty brushes while working. This container can hold an average 20-30 brushes depending on size of your brush. Sides have two snap closures to keep your brushes secure.
Picture of Silicone Beauty Tool Organizer
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Silicone Beauty Tool Organizer

Beauty tool organizer with a uniquely designed silicone base that allows for tools and brushes of all shapes and sizes to be stored neatly Measures 10.43 x 4.72 x 1.77-Inches White with Black silicone top Holds your beauty tools both large and small upright and visible for easy access
Picture of Kryolan Artist Tool Belt
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Kryolan Artist Tool Belt

The Artist Tool Belt from KRYOLAN allows easy stowage of various tools. With a sturdy belt, the Artist Tool Belt can be worn comfortably around the waist or over the shoulder. The synthetic leather is easy to clean. Details: 26 x 37 cm


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