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Dermaflage Starter Kit

Dermaflage was developed in Hollywood for special effects. It is a non-invasive topical silicone filler that successfully hides scars instantly. Takes less than 2 minute to apply, it is waterproof, smudge-proof and lasts all day. Non-Irritating. Allergy Tested.
Picture of Dermaflage Dimension (Glitter)
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Dermaflage Dimension (Glitter)

Dimension by Dermaflage is the only 3D color cosmetic that adds additional interest to makeups through dimension & texture. Glitter by LIT is suspended in Dermaflage silicone makeup to allow you to create a smudge-proof effect that dazzles with a lacquered wet look. Create glitter lips without any primer or glue. The silicone will form a soft, flexible layer that can complement any look. Use the best glitter makeup and it will stay exactly where you want it. No Mess!
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Applicator Tips

The mixing tip fits onto your applicator and mixes the two chambers so you can apply the silicone filler directly onto the skin in just the right amount. Available in a Pack of 30 tips,
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FastFX Kits

The fastest and easiest way to create dimensional injuries or skin effects. Use the Wound palette to create realistic looking blood effects and injury effects. Choose the Infection palette for the grossest colors that will make your skin crawl – pus, ooze and infection. The Skin Effects palette gives you the ability to create a mole or birthmark, chapped lips, or aqua blue veins.