Suva Beauty

Bring #SUVAMixology to life with ‘DOODLE’ - SUVA Beauty’s brand new Mix Cake Hydra Liner! Doodle is a beautiful combination of fan-favorite shades ’GREASE’ and ‘SPACE PANDA’ water activated cake liner/eyeliner Hydra Liners. SUVA Beauty’s Hydra Liners/FX formula delivers a punch of solid opaque colour. It’s smudge-proof and transfer-resistant – your colour won’t fade until it’s removed!


What does it do?

For the eyes, face, and body art makeup. Conveniently have both shades in one pot for separate use, use them together to create gradients, or mix them together to get your preferred shade of grey! Take it a step further and use ‘DOODLE’ to lighten or deepen other Hydra Liner/FX colours.

Key Features:

・Smudge proof

・Transfer resistant

・Opaque formulation

・Cruelty free

・Vegan friendly

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