Suva Beauty

Boost up your looks with UV Boost Mixing Medium! Let’s just say that having a UV glow option is a necessity. Mix a touch of UV Boost with any of your OPAKES Cosmetic Paints to start glowing under UV/blacklight. Or apply the UV Boost solo for an invisible daylight look and a surprising glow under blacklight! Once it’s on, it’s not budging, smudging or flaking off.

Key Features:
・Glows under UV light
・Water resistant
・A little product goes a long way!

Total Net Weight: 9g/0.31oz.

How to Use:

Before each use, massage the tube and shake well

On a mixing palette, mix a small touch of UV BOOST to your SUVA Beauty OPAKES Cosmetic Paints to transform your looks into blacklight glow!

Apply UV Boost by itself to have an “invisible” look in the daylight, and a surprising glowing look under blacklight!

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