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Picture of 12 Years A Slave Palette
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12 Years A Slave Palette

The Skin Illustrator 12 Years a Slave Palette was custom created exclusively for Amanda Kalaadevi for her work on 12 Years a Slave.
Picture of Activator
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$15.70 to $40.00
The Skin Illustrator ACTIVATOR is a special propriety blend of ethanol and isopropanol alcohol. These ingredients are primarily used to activate all of the Illustrator Palettes.
Picture of Alchemy Palette
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Alchemy Palette

A first in a series of specialty colors, this palette of bright metallic colors was designed to simulate precious liquid metals. The colors are safe for use on the lips, skin, hair and around the eyes. The Alchemy palette and liquids are ideal for beauty, fantasy and special effects make-up.
Picture of Alchemy Refill
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Alchemy Refill

The Skin Illustrator Alchemy Liquid Refills are a first in a series of specialty colors. The bright metallic colors was designed to simulate precious liquid metals.
Picture of American Horror Palette
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American Horror Palette

This unique palette contains two new colors specifically designed by her makeup crew. "Coven" and "Asylum" were added to the palette to meet the demanding needs of AHS. From beauty, old age to bloody zombies and witches, the American Horror Palette is an integral part of this award winning show.
Picture of Attagel
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Attagel is a thickening agent used in combination with Green Marble Selr Concentrate to create a realistic old age effect. Available in 2oz
Picture of Beta Bond
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Beta Bond

$18.00 to $27.00
The superior polymer acrylic formula is the perfect "B" adhesive alternative. It dries clear and is easily mixed (within limits) with water, alcohol or acrylic paints. Beta Bond has an excellent vertical hold and is non-flammable.
Picture of Beta Solv Acrylic Adhesive Remover
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Beta Solv Acrylic Adhesive Remover

$22.00 to $29.00
This high solvency formulation is remarkably effective in removing Beta Bond and Pax type paints from the skin or appliances. It is odorless, non-oily, not harmful to materials and may be thinned with water.