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Picture of MST-255 Clear Set Bag
Product Details

MST-255 Clear Set Bag

This bag is designed to carry all that the professional makeup artist and hair stylist tools while on the set. Clear design for fast and easy accessibility. Convenient flip top pockets, spacious compartment and tissue box pocket make all the tools and accessories readily available. Adjustable shoulder strap.
Picture of Shoulder Clear Bag (Large)
Product Details

Shoulder Clear Bag (Large)

Depending on your own organizing needs and personal taste, this clear bag is great for a variety of uses.
Picture of Z palette Pouch
Product Details

Z palette Pouch

The New Z Palette Pouch is here! Protect your precious Z Palettes, and your makeup inside, with our new Z Palette Pouch. Designed with 5 individual compartments, the Z Palette Pouch has a zipper closure and cushioned outer lining, which safeguards the clear windows. Easily carry using the handle or detachable strap.
Picture of KatKit AirCraft Pro Case
Product Details

KatKit AirCraft Pro Case

The KATKIT AIRCRAFT is the lightweight Pro case for hairdressers, makeup artists and beauty addicts. The perfect Pro kit with first class looks, it will transport your cosmetics and equipment to any working or holiday destination. Three large black mesh pockets will protect and store your hairdryer, curling tong and flat irons. Brushes, mascara's, pencils, combs and compacts are easily visible and well organised. The AIRCRAFT bag opens out flat to reveal a spacious transparent carrier to hold products and other cosmetic and beauty needs. The perfect professional makeup kit and hair kit for the professionals. Description Colour: BLACK and TRANSPARENT with SILVER pockets Size: 32 cm X 32 cm X 11 cm
Picture of Trolley Set Bag
Product Details

Trolley Set Bag

A multifunctional set bag ideal to place on your Züca Trolley or similar. The inside with different compartments made of easy to clean vinyl additionally equipped with two separate transparent pouches enable every make-up artist to organize its make-up products in a perfect manner. Dimensions: Height - 195 mm Width - 295 mm Depth - 180 mm
Picture of Cylindric Brush Holder
Product Details

Cylindric Brush Holder

This lined Brush Holder accommodates numerous brushes with a maximum length of 20 cm. The Brush Holder can be securely closed with two buckles on the sides. When opened, the lid functions as a second holder. Brushes not included.
Picture of Katkit Road Cosmetic Case
Product Details

Katkit Road Cosmetic Case

The KATKIT ROAD is the makeup artist''s every day dream bag, with a clear pouch that can hold dozens of compacts, lotions and foundations. Three silver pouches will securely hold pencils, mascaras, nail varnish and lip glosses. The skinny insert is perfect for holding lashes, tattoo transfers and small tools such as tweezers and lash curlers.Ideal for carrying all your personal makeup and hair care.
Picture of The Brush Caddy
Product Details
Picture of The Carabiner - LSB
Product Details

The Carabiner - LSB

The LSB Carabiner is secured to your belt via a Velcro belt loop. It’s here to hold those items you need to attach and release in an instant. Comes as a super handy two-pack. Great for all the crew!
Picture of LaRoc Brush Belt
Product Details

LaRoc Brush Belt

LaRoc's Brush Belt is a great option for Makeup artists who need a belt to carry more than just brushes. This belt has 3 Zipper pockets and 3 metal loops to attach keys or other carabiners for more storage. Additional small pockets are added to the front of the belt for easy access to products such as compacts and lipsticks.
Picture of Small Makeup Vanity Case
Product Details

Small Makeup Vanity Case

LaRoc’s small makeup box vanity case has five felt-lined sections that include a large lower storage space and 4 tiered trays, perfect for storing all you’re your favorite makeup. To keep your cosmetics safe, this makeup box uses chrome clips with key locks. The strong aluminum case is designed to keep your contents protected from travel or everyday use.
Picture of The Flight Travel Bag - Transparent
Product Details

The Flight Travel Bag - Transparent

The Flight Bag Transparent from Kryolan is a universal see-through bag ideal for hand luggage travelers. The volume is less than 1 liter and enables frustration-free traveling
Picture of Kryolan Aluminum Makeup Case
Product Details

Kryolan Aluminum Makeup Case

An aluminum case opening to the top, with a twin 2-step stowage platform, individual subdivision of these areas, and large storage space at the bottom of the case. Includes a lock. Dimensions: Height – 270 mm Width – 360 mm Depth – 230 mm Details: 3.5 kg
Picture of Golden Triangle Stand-up Brush Pouch
Product Details

Golden Triangle Stand-up Brush Pouch

The Golden Triangle Stand-Up pouch is an innovative accessory that not only stores your makeup brushes but keeps your brushes standing upright to provide easy access and neat organization.
Picture of Butterfly Beauty Bag
Product Details

Butterfly Beauty Bag

The Butterfly Beauty Bag is made of high-quality synthetic leather with a perfect size to have all the necessary items a make-up artist and make-up lover needs at hand.
bucket bag - large
Product Details

Bucket Bag - large

The Kryolan Bucket Bag is a durable, location set bag, with a heavy-duty, adjustable strap. This kit bag will instantly make your set life easier with a large, transparent inner compartment and multiple outer pockets allowing you to easily find your go-to tools and products.
bucket bag - small
Product Details

Bucket Bag -Small

The Kryolan Bucket Bag is a durable, location set bag, with a heavy-duty, adjustable strap. This kit bag will instantly make your set life easier with a large, transparent inner compartment and multiple outer pockets allowing you to easily find your go-to tools and products.
Picture of Kryolan Artist Tool Belt
Product Details

Kryolan Artist Tool Belt

The Artist Tool Belt from KRYOLAN allows easy stowage of various tools. With a sturdy belt, the Artist Tool Belt can be worn comfortably around the waist or over the shoulder. The synthetic leather is easy to clean. Details: 26 x 37 cm
Picture of LaRoc Clear Makeup Bag
Product Details

LaRoc Clear Makeup Bag

This handy little clear PVC cosmetic makeup bag has one large pocket for larger makeup items and two press stud pockets for those smaller items. It's the perfect size for actor bags, or touch-up kits. The PVC means that it is easy to see through the bag to find exactly what you are looking for - no more hunting around for smaller items! This clear makeup bag is a “must-have” item for every professional make-up artist and is also great for travel. Approx size: 270mm x 200mm x 85mm


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