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You want the special effect makeup brands that make your exciting and terrifying makeup concepts a reality. That’s why we carry such an extensive range of special effects makeup products to serve our customers across an entertainment industry with such diverse demands.

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Picture of Nose & Scar Wax
Product Details

Nose & Scar Wax

$9.75 to $29.00
Nose and Scar Wax is a fantastic tool for creating a variety of special effects. Pliable, yet firm, it can be applied to create and alter features, such as a broken nose, extended chin or nose, or create bullet holes and wounds. Wax is translucent to resemble skin. Apply Spirit Gum beneath wax for better adhesion. Texture with Stipple Sponge and seal with Liquid Latex. Expect 4-25 applications per ounce.
Picture of Simulated Bone Wax
Product Details

Simulated Bone Wax

$13.75 to $29.00
Natural White wax simulates bone color for broken bones and exposed skulls.
Picture of Nose Putty Stick
Product Details

Nose Putty Stick

Nose Putty is a wax preparation for alterations of the natural nose form. The required amount of Nose Putty is kneaded between the fingers, with coarse preliminary modeling done with the model mounted on a finger knuckle. The fingers must first be moistened with a little water or gel to prevent undesirable adherence of the putty to the fingers. The small, preliminary wax model is then transferred onto the bridge of the nose, and the work is completed in the form of fine modeling. Before applying make-up, the wax part should be dabbed with Sealer.
Picture of Eyebrow Plastic
Product Details

Eyebrow Plastic

Kryolan Eyebrow Plastic, a wax preparation to “block out” the eyebrows to allow creation of different eyebrow shapes or effects.
Picture of Effects Gels
Product Details

Effects Gels

$15.00 to $18.00
Useful, realistic colored gels produce durable self-made wounds, cuts, burns and scars. Warm until gel turns to a liquid. Create wound and allow to set as it cools.
Picture of Effects Gel Wound Kit
Product Details

Effects Gel Wound Kit

$36.00 to $45.00
Design durable and realistic lacerations, burns, wounds and scars with this useful pack of gels. Wounds may be pre-made. Detailed instructions included. Available in 1 oz. or 2 oz. sets of three shades: Blood, Flesh (clear), and Scar (opaque). Expect 30-50 applications per ounce.
Picture of 3rd Degree - Silicone
Product Details

3rd Degree - Silicone

$47.00 to $69.00
Third Degree is a truly unique two-part silicone modeling and casting compound. It sets in less than five minutes, is intrinsically colored in flesh tones of Light, Medium and Clear.
Picture of Artex
Product Details


Artex is ideal for the creation of 3D skin effects such as wounds, scars and burns – and for concealing unwanted skin anomalies. Carefully mix equal parts (1:1) and apply to the skin. You can create the desired effect immediately after application. The curing process begins after 5-6 minutes. Once the plastic substance has dried, create the desired color design. As soon as the product is set changes are no longer possible. The final effect can be made up with any kind of Kryolan’s grease paint or Body Illustration Color. To create a natural complexion mix Flocking into Artex. Apply powder to set.
Picture of Kryolan Collodion
Product Details

Kryolan Collodion

$15.00 to $26.00
Collodion is a non flexible clear material ideal for creating realistic bullet holes and a variety of sunken scars. Brush onto skin in thin layers until you get the desired depth. Watch as it pulls the skin in creating a wonderful scar or cut. Let it dry and colour. Avoid using around the eyes.
Picture of Icicle Gel
Product Details

Icicle Gel

$31.50 to $46.00
A lightly shimmering blue gel used to simulate frost and ice in beards and moustaches. Apply wet and dry on the cool setting) with a hair dryer. Removes with soap and water. Tip: Mix the iridescent blue gel and the clear gel together before application. Available in 100 and 200 ml containers
Picture of UV Dayglow Aquacolor Palette
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UV Dayglow Aquacolor Palette

$72.00 $67.00
Kryolan UV Dayglow Aquacolors is a glycerin-based, moist cake make-up that has excellent covering characteristics. Activated with water it can be applied with a sponge or a brush.
Picture of UV Dayglow Aquacolor
Product Details

UV Dayglow Aquacolor

Kryolan UV Dayglow Aquacolors are bright, UV-activated body paints, in cosmetics-grade quality. The color payoff is very strong even under normal or artificial light
Picture of Tear Stick
Product Details

Tear Stick

Kryolan's Tear Stick is a wax stick in a lipstick mechanism, with an effective content of menthol and camphor extracts. Apply Tear Stick to the skin, about 15 mm under the actor's eye. Warmth from the skin will release the menthol and camphor vapors, which will rise to the eye and cause real tears to form.
Picture of Tear Producer-Menthol
Product Details

Tear Producer-Menthol

An a acrylic tube containing menthol crystals. When using hold the tube a couple of inches away from the performer’s eye and blow through gently. The menthol vapors will cause the performers eyes to naturally tear.
Picture of Glycerin
Product Details


$10.00 to $16.00
Keep handy to simulate tears, perspiration or "oozing" from wounds. Caution: Keep out of eyes.
Picture of Transparent Jelly
Product Details

Transparent Jelly

$19.00 to $44.00
Transparent Jelly is a transparent, greenish-tinted gel for simulation of wet and sweat effects. Dab Transparent Jelly with a sponge or brush onto the required areas of skin, after make-up has been applied and has been set. After a few minutes, the preparation will be almost dry.
Picture of Faux Mucus
Product Details

Faux Mucus

Kryolan Faux Mucus is a pale beige colored gel used to create a realistic effect on skin or prosthetics. Removes with soap and water.
Picture of Dirtworks Grime Spray
Product Details

Dirtworks Grime Spray

$26.00 to $29.75
Dirtworks Grime Sprays are a coordinated system of colored dirt sprays that are matched to the Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette. They also blend well with all the Skin Illustrator Palettes and Liquids.
Picture of Dirtworks Powders
Product Details

Dirtworks Powders

Dirtworks Powders are a coordinated system of colored dirts, that are matched to the Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette. Dirtworks Powders are the safest dirt on the market, they do not contain any hazardous ingredients such as talc, silica or walnut shells.
Picture of Dirtworks Dirt Bags
Product Details

Dirtworks Dirt Bags

Fleet St. Dirtworks Dirt Bags are a washable porous cotton muslin for use with theatrical dirts on skin or clothing. Rub or pounce the material gently onto the skin with a rolling motion using Dirtworks Dirt Bag.
Picture of Dirtworks Dirt-Tac
Product Details

Dirtworks Dirt-Tac

DIRTWORKS DIRT-TAC is a clear gel made to be used with theDirtworks Dirt Bag when only a powdered look is required. DIRT-TAC also helps hold the powders in place.
Picture of Trauma - Road Rash - Temporary Tattoos
Product Details

Trauma - Road Rash - Temporary Tattoos

The temporary Trauma tattoo designs look like they are actually in the skin to mimic a real wound. Add a bit of special effects makeup and blood will create a realistic look
Picture of Trauma - Burned Alive
Product Details

Trauma - Burned Alive

The temporary Trauma tattoo designs look like they are actually in the skin to mimic a real wound.
Picture of Trauma - Intensive Care
Product Details

Trauma - Intensive Care

The temporary Trauma tattoo designs look like they are actually in the skin to mimic a real wound. Add a bit of special effects makeup and blood will create a realistic look.
Picture of Green Marble Concentrate
Product Details

Green Marble Concentrate

$21.00 to $58.00
Premiere Products, Green Marble SēLr offers a subtle approach to aging. To achieve the desired affect, the finished product will require a translucent and equally subtle paint. TheSkin Illustrator color systems provide the perfect compliment.
Picture of Attagel
Product Details


Attagel is a thickening agent used in combination with Green Marble Selr Concentrate to create a realistic old age effect. Available in 2oz
Picture of Dermaflage Starter Kit
Product Details

Dermaflage Starter Kit

Dermaflage was developed in Hollywood for special effects. It is a non-invasive topical silicone filler that successfully hides scars instantly. Takes less than 2 minute to apply, it is waterproof, smudge-proof and lasts all day. Non-Irritating. Allergy Tested.
Picture of Dermaflage Dimension (Glitter)
Product Details

Dermaflage Dimension (Glitter)

Dimension by Dermaflage is the only 3D color cosmetic that adds additional interest to makeups through dimension & texture. Glitter by LIT is suspended in Dermaflage silicone makeup to allow you to create a smudge-proof effect that dazzles with a lacquered wet look. Create glitter lips without any primer or glue. The silicone will form a soft, flexible layer that can complement any look. Use the best glitter makeup and it will stay exactly where you want it. No Mess!
Picture of FastFX Kits
Product Details

FastFX Kits

The fastest and easiest way to create dimensional injuries or skin effects. Use the Wound palette to create realistic looking blood effects and injury effects. Choose the Infection palette for the grossest colors that will make your skin crawl – pus, ooze and infection. The Skin Effects palette gives you the ability to create a mole or birthmark, chapped lips, or aqua blue veins.
Picture of Dirt Palette
Product Details

Dirt Palette

The Dirt Palette is a two-cell collection of Midnight Brown and Black that was created exclusively for Joel Harlow for his work on the film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The large cells create an incredibly fast and effective method to dirty up an actor or character in large areas at a time. The colors can be used alone or blended together for your unique shade. The Dirt Palette, along with the colors from the Grunge Palette, will have you set for all your filthy needs.
Picture of MultiGel
Product Details


Multi Gel Clear is a special gel that is used as an adhering base for loose glitter or other powder particles. Multi Gel is easy to apply with fingers or a brush to the desired area of skin and easily removed with soap and water. 1.7 OZ of product
Picture of Skin Illustrator Single Pots
Product Details

Skin Illustrator Single Pots

Skin Illustrator Singles are now available in many of our most popular colors. These large, circular pots are perfect for providing that extra bit of pigment needed to carry out and complete any makeup. They each contain about 60% more dried pigment product than a single cell in a full size Illustrator Palette. The wide open mouth provides easy application with either a brush or a sponge, while the sleek packaging can fit in your pocket.
Picture of Artificial Snow
Product Details
Picture of Trauma - Stitched
Product Details

Trauma - Stitched

The temporary Trauma tattoo designs look like they are actually in the skin to mimic a real wound. Add a bit of special effects makeup and blood will create a realistic look. Used in the film and television industry. Non-toxic and easy to apply. * FDA approved inks * Colors that perfectly mimic real tattoo ink * Designs look like they are actually in the skin * Used in the film and television industry
Picture of Ice Effects Kit
Product Details

Ice Effects Kit

Versatile effect make-up set for all snow and frost effects. For stage, show and 4K/8K technology. The components included in the kit are Ice Crystals small & large, Snow, and the Gel GF-QAT N Soft that enable the user to achieve countless effects. Snow and Ice Crystals in small & large can be reliably fixed with the gel, for extra durability we recommend the use of Silicone Adhesive NEO (not included). Details: 4 products
Picture of Artful Splodger Palette - Freckle & Age Spot
Product Details

Artful Splodger Palette - Freckle & Age Spot

The Artful Splodger Duo Palette is a dual-cell On Set palette featuring two new colors: Freckles and Age Spot. They are perfect for adding more organic characteristics to a look with freckles or pigmentation. Age Spot also can be used for darker freckling, in combination with Freckles. The darker color is also perfect for adding freckles on to deeper skin tones.
Picture of Grime FX Quick Death
Product Details

Grime FX Quick Death

$23.00 to $38.00
Ben Nye's Quick Death from the Grime FX line, easily used to simulate a deathly pallor or undead complexion.
Picture of Grime FX Quick Dirt
Product Details

Grime FX Quick Dirt

$23.00 to $38.00
Ben Nye's Quick Dirt from the Grime FX line, easily used to simulate dark brown mud.
Picture of Grime FX Quick Grease
Product Details

Grime FX Quick Grease

$23.00 to $38.00
Ben Nye's Quick Grease, Can be easily used to simulate grease and motor oil.
Picture of Grime FX Quick Slime
Product Details

Grime FX Quick Slime

$23.00 to $38.00
Ben Nye's Quick Slime can be easily applied to simulate ectoplasm and organic debris.
Picture of Wax IceSpray
Product Details

Wax IceSpray

Wax Ice Spray imitates hoarfrost on hair very convincingly, making it suitable for film and television, but also for casualty simulation. Wax Ice Spray crystallizes almost instantly. It is particularly effective on dark hair, eyebrows, and downy hair. Can be removed with warm water and shampoo. Details: 50 ml non-aerosol-spray pump bottle
Picture of Ice Crystals -Big
Product Details

Ice Crystals -Big

Ice crystals (Big) Snow and Ice Crystals in small & large can be reliably fixed with the gel, for extra durability we recommend the use of Silicone Adhesive NEO (not included).


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