Small Magicake Body Paint

Ben Nye

Water-activated MagiCake Aqua Colors feature a collection of hues across the color spectrum with versatile application purposes. These colors dry to a matte finish on their own and don’t require setting powder.

The wide color range and easy to use formulation makes the MagiCake colors ideal for use by cosplay, drag, theatrical, festival, fantasy, special effects, and body painting makeup artists. 

Colors containing red pigments may stain skin after application, so be sure to apply a test swatch. To reduce staining, apply a primer or moisturizer under the paints to reduce the direct contact of pigment to skin.

These small sized magicakes are perfect for small details, or for those who only need one to two applications! 

If you're looking for the Full Sized Magicakes click HERE!

  • Licorice Black
    Licorice Black
    Not available
  • Cloud White
    Cloud White
    Not available
  • Fire Red
    Fire Red
    Not available
  • Berry Bright
    Berry Bright
    Not available
  • Light Lavender
    Light Lavender
    Not available
  • Split Pea
    Split Pea
    Not available
  • Lagoon Blue
    Lagoon Blue
    Not available
  • SeaFoam
    Not available
  • Gecko Green
    Gecko Green
    Not available
  • Royal Purple
    Royal Purple
    Not available
  • Kelly Green
    Kelly Green
    Not available
  • Magenta
    Not available
  • Marine Blue
    Marine Blue
    Not available
  • Bright Orange
    Bright Orange
    Not available
  • Sunshine Yellow
    Sunshine Yellow
    Not available
  • Calypso Blue
    Calypso Blue
    Not available
  • Maize
    Not available
  • Emerald Greem
    Emerald Greem
    Not available
  • Cosmic Blue
    Cosmic Blue
    Not available
  • Tropical Green
    Tropical Green
    Not available
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