Ben Nye

The Blush + Contour Light-Medium Palette from Ben Nye puts their most popular creme highlight, blush, and contours into one pocket-sized palette. These cremes have a soft, silky texture that leaves them feeling lightweight on the skin and makes it easier to build up to the desired opacity. 

This palette features colors that will help you create a glowing and multidimensional complexion on light to medium skin tones. The clear lid on the palette lets you know at a glance which colors you have on hand. Ideal for use by bridal, runway, editorial, and film makeup artists. 

The palette includes the following colors :

  • Ultra Light
  • Palest Pink
  • Banana
  • Just Mauvey
  • Sunset Coral
  • Adobe Rose
  • Island Coral
  • Raspberry
  • Red
  • Taupe
  • Neutral
  • Dark Brown
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